Saturday, July 10, 2010

Secret of Healthy Life

MUHAMMAD (SAW), saviour and Master Healer of mankind invites you tohis most selective self help programme to rid you of all physical, mental and spiritual ailments and to teach you to develop your real personality, physical beauty, inherent strength, mental well-being, spiritual elevation and a unique and healthier life style till yetunknown to you.A style for the attainment of highest capabilities of man and woman inside you. A systematic physical, mental and spiritual health raising programme for you and your family. Discover the secrets hidden inside your body by educating yourself from the experiences and practices of MUHAMMAD (SAW) The Supreme man who educates you to spring into the real existence by the most efficient way to build and concentrate energy to gain perfection in physique mind and spirit.Avail this opportunity, to enhance your stamina, strengthen your immune system improve your healing power and protect yourself from MAJOR deadly diseases through “SALAT THERAPY” which extends the benefits of prevention treatment and cure within and beyond the heart. It ensures complete protection against Heart attacks, Angina, CardioVascular and Coronary artery disease, Stroke, T.B, Cancer, Aids, Arthritis-Diabetes, Emotional disorders, Psycho social adversity and adds happiness satisfaction and inspiration to your life style. Learn the methodology for correct performance and its application to rehabilitate and re-condition your heart and other vital parts of yourbody by yourself with the application of “Salat Therapy” five times aday and for rapid recovery 8 times a day. Learn the correct application for long and short term therapy, a therapy without medicine.Salat therapy combines.1. Hydro therapy2. Physio therapy3. Relaxation therapy4. Psycho therapy5. Aerobic therapy6. Prayer therapyThe correct application and performance ensures,1. Confidence-life satisfaction happiness and inspiration.2. Rapid and evident relief of symptoms of stress depression andFatigue.3. Strengthens your immune system and removes immune deficiency.4. Regular practice culminates into positive thinking and relaxation.5. Decrease in heart rate.6. Checks enlargement of heart and reduces its size to normal.7. Increases the depth of breathing.8. Excellent tolerability and convenience for all age groups, 10 yearsand above.9. High reliability. Reduction in risk of death.10. Ensures 100% protection against heart attacks.11. Extended benefits within and beyond the heart. Increase in lifespan.12. Increased physical activity and improved work performance.13. Eliminates the risk of fatal stroke. Reduces your blood pressureto normal cures Hypertension within 5 weeks.14. Long-term life saving cardio vascular protection.15. Sure cure against Angina. Removes angina within 10 weekscompletely.16. Improves the survival rate of patients.17. Most comprehensive stress management and life-improving programme.18. Do-it-yourself formula for regular application.19. Cures Diabetes with regular practice. Within 20 to 30 weeks youwill burn extra amount of fat and sugar in your body and becomenormal.20. Stops degeneration of brain tissue.21. Regular practice removes obstructions from the coronary arteriesand you can avoid a by pass.Please note, The traditional Salat is worthless and without any gains,rather it is destructive. Therefore to learn the correct methodology,Join Bait ul Mammoor and live a superior life, Pleasant, Progressive,ever happy and free of all major ailments.Through Salat the Prophet of Islam (SAW) has translated into practicalplan the promotion of physical and spiritual activities at differentstages of life, which we miss completely in our practice session (5Time prayer)The performance of Salat strictly according to the instructions of theProphet of Islam is a complete physical, mental and spiritualexercise. Its correct performance provides complete protection againstCoronary Heart Diseases, Heart Attacks, Hyper Tension, Diabetes,Stroke Disability, Brain Hemorrhage, Paralysis, T.B, Aids, Alzheimer’sDisease, Asthma, Insomnia, Stress, Depression and behaviour Disorders.It also strengthens immune system of the Human Body.The promotion of Salat for the beneficial effects justifies regularperformance, but the repetitive distorted patterns of posture andmovements lacking time and precision concentration and attentiondamage the beneficial effects, and instead, cause destruction due toincorrect performance. Mullah, Peer and Sufi has blocked the rightapproach since last many centuries as such; Salat has become a ritualinstead of an exercise. The aspect of physical exercise is completelymissing from our traditional Salat whereas the Salat explained inHadith is a complete and elaborate physical exercise. All MuslimsArabs and Non-Arabs alike perform Salat incorrectly therefore theyloose total benefits and Barkat. Please note that Salat has two partsAQWAL (reading or theory) and AFAAL (Performance or Practical)Please note that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the role model and you areto follow him, and not any Mullah, Peer or Sufi. The correctperformance according to the role model shall yield 100% results, andyou will become a perfectly healthy person free of all diseases.Therefore please try to learn the correct methodology adopted byProphet Muhammad (SAW) which is explained in Hadith quoted by us.I am ready to render help in finding new avenues and impart practicaltraining and education if any research institute / university /college / hospital in Pakistan or abroad is willing to carry outexperiments and research to ascertain its benefits and Barkat(Credibility). Only Three to Six months are required to assess itscredibility.

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